um, ok I did it!! I left for good

I’m. breaking. up that chronological order of this b l o g , to make a special announcement that um bye I left, it’s all over r r

on JULY 1st ~ I was so so lucky to spend the night at the TORONTO AIRPORT SHERATON HOTEL, room 440 , because my flight got cancelled and they couldn’t get me on the next flight in time…

and my angel guides were lookin’ after me x



thank you to my spirit guides for bringing me amazing rest and these stellar backdrop views of Toronto Pearson Airport, and thank you to YYZ






best Canada day of alll time, spent it @ the airport, in my hotel room #440

( tried to keep it low key but couldn’t keep it down )

made it to my new room, skylight *


so NOW, when people ask me if I made it out alive and if I’m really out of HELL

I say “yes to everyones shock & disappointment, and now we know who’s who and what’s what, so LIVE IN IT, you demons”



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